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What to Do if Your Car Accident Is the Result of a Defective Tire?

When someone hops into their car, they expect that their tires will do their part to keep them safe on the road. It’s rare for someone to expect that they will be put at risk because their vehicle’s tires were not appropriately designed or manufactured.

Tire defects create unexpected hazards that can lead to life-altering accidents and injuries. Those who are harmed in an accident caused by a defective tire deserve to be fairly compensated. The board-certified attorneys at Baker Legal Team know that product liability cases can be intimidating. Companies want to avoid paying victims the monetary awards they are owed and do everything they can to limit their responsibility. At Baker Legal Team, we fight for our client’s rights compensation regardless of who the liable party is.

What Should You Do if a Defective Tire Leads to a Car Accident?

If a defective tire is the primary cause of your accident, it’s recommended to quickly contact a skilled product liability attorney. It’s important to contact an experienced attorney because tire manufacturers or shops are skilled at downplaying their responsibility. They will also only offer just enough compensation to give victims the illusion that they’re being fairly compensated when, in reality, their claim is worth significantly more.

While it’s always beneficial to have a skilled attorney at your disposal when filing a car accident claim, it is especially critical when dealing with a defective tire claim. As the person injured, you must be able to prove the tire was defective and that the defect was the primary cause of your accident and damages. An experienced attorney has increased access to doctors and other vocational experts who understand the full extent of the damages you’ve suffered and can provide vital evidence to support your claim.

Filing a claim is not just about getting your car fixed or covering your medical expenses. Your attorney’s priority is to help you get back on your feet. A personal injury claim aims to help a person become “whole” again, or as close to their previous quality of life from before the accident as possible. An attorney has the skills and resources to prove your damages and obtain the full financial awards you deserve because of the defective tire.

Who Is Liable for a Defective Tire in Florida?

The type of defect in the tire will usually indicate the party at fault for the accident. The parties who could be responsible include:

  • Manufacturers: They are responsible for mistakes made during the design or manufacturing process of the tire.
  • Tire Shop: They are responsible for improper tire installation or selling old tires while claiming they’re new.

A company must issue recall notices if they identify a problem with the tires. However, this is often only done after numerous drivers report a specific problem with the tire. It’s important to note that if you are issued a recall notice, you must act immediately. Driving a recalled tire is dangerous, and you risk losing your right to file for compensation in the event of an accident.

Contact Our Experienced Defective Tire Attorney Today

When the fault of your accident is a defective tire, it can be an incredibly frustrating and stressful time. Trying to recover from any injuries you sustained in the accident, while also getting the compensation you deserve, is difficult, but fortunately, you don’t need to take it all on yourself.

At Baker Legal Team, we are proud to offer our clients the legal services and support they need to pursue compensation. At Baker Legal Team, we don’t accept lowball settlements. Our team is ready to go to court if it means getting our clients the best possible outcome. Schedule a consultation with our firm today by calling (561) 320-0000 or by completing our online contact form.

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