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boca raton personal injury lawyer

Baker Legal 30 Second Commercial

Sep 29, 2020
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water parks in florida dangerous

Why Are Water Parks in Florida Dangerous?

Sep 16, 2020

There’s nothing better than a family outing at the local water park. You and your kids splash around in the shallow water, innertube along the lazy river, and race down the exciting water…

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how long do personal injury cases take

How Long Does It Take to Resolve Personal Injury Cases?

Sep 2, 2020

After suffering injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you’ll want to know how soon you can get the compensation you deserve to help pay off your medical bills and property damage.…

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understanding duty of care in a personal injury case

Understanding the “Duty of Care” in a Personal Injury Claim

Aug 17, 2020

The majority of personal injury cases rely on the presence of negligence—the injured person must establish that there was a “duty of care” the defendant failed to uphold. In personal injury cases, lawyers…

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when to hire a lawyer for a car accident

When to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident in South Florida

Aug 3, 2020

According to the CDC, roughly 2 million people are injured in car accidents every year. In South Florida, proximity to major highways, a high population density, and technological distractions place residents at a…

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Steps to Take After a Jet Ski or Personal Watercraft Accident in Florida

Steps to Take After a Jet Ski or Personal Watercraft Accident in Florida

Jul 20, 2020

Florida’s gorgeous weather, crystal clear oceans, and seemingly endless opportunities for water sports make it one of the most visited destinations for tourists and people looking to settle down by the beach. It’s…

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why you should deny insurance companys first offer

3 Reasons to Deny the Insurance Company’s First Offer

Jul 6, 2020

Accidents are frustrating to handle, especially when insurance companies try to offer you a settlement that is much less than you anticipated. Insurance companies employ influential tactics with high hopes that you’ll agree…

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common swimming pool accidents

4 Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents in South Florida

Jun 23, 2020

Water safety is essential to review with your family and friends before enjoying your own or another’s swimming pool. It only takes a second before someone is involved in an accident or worse,…

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Top 8 Most Common Types of Boat Accidents in South Florida

Jun 9, 2020

When it comes to the potential for accidents, people who enjoy boating aren’t much safer than drivers. There are rules and safety warnings people who operate a boat must abide by in and…

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what is catastrophic injury

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic and How Does it Affect My Claim?

Apr 22, 2020

Sustaining an injury as a result of a car accident is not only debilitating and stressful but also expensive and time-consuming. Any injury can feel catastrophic, but when it comes to filing a…

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