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How to Prove a Defective Toy Caused Your Child’s Injuries

Sep 10, 2022

People often pick up toys for their kids with the intention of a fun and safe pastime. Although, not every toy on a store shelf is safe and free of causing harm. In…

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How to File a Claim After a Dog Bite Attack in Florida

Sep 5, 2022

Dogs are generally perceived as friendly house pets. Although, many unfortunate cases have involved severe dog bite attacks and injuries. Every Florida dog owner must ensure they are correctly tending to and housing…

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Florida Child Drownings Rise to Highest Ever Recorded in 2021

Aug 10, 2022

With its beautiful beaches, lakes, and pools, Florida is the perfect state to find a great place to enjoy the water on a summer day. Unfortunately, even with all its beauty, Florida is…

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Can I Sue a Waterpark After Signing a Liability Waiver?

Aug 5, 2022

Waterparks are a popular destination for families and anyone who wants to take advantage of a warm sunny day, especially during summer. When people plan a day at the waterpark, they expect to…

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The Four A’s of Safely Driving a Motorcycle in Florida

Jul 7, 2022

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, especially if you don’t feel like you have all the tools to drive safely. But did you know there are a few concepts you can remember to…

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Can I Sue if I Am Injured Due to Uneven Sidewalks in Florida?

Jul 3, 2022

In the Sunshine State, people can walk to local shops, beaches, parks, and public spaces within neighborhoods by utilizing sidewalks and crosswalks daily. While walking on sidewalks is generally safe, Florida’s pedestrians are…

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How to Avoid a Blind Spot Car Accident With an 18-Wheeler

Jun 8, 2022

Driving alongside large trucks and vehicles is not uncommon in South Florida. However, many people are frightened when driving alongside an 18-wheeler truck for concern of being stuck in the blind spot of…

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What Are the Top 4 Reasons a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Take Your Claim?

Jun 3, 2022

You may see various commercials and advertisements for personal injury lawyers that help injured victims file a claim to recover compensation. Too many car collisions, slip and falls, and other accidents have resulted…

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How Does the “Attractive Nuisance” Doctrine Affect Homeowners With Pools?

May 8, 2022

Florida homeowners have a legal obligation to protect those they invite onto their property. Typically, the law does not promise the same level of protection to trespassers, but a homeowner may be held…

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When Are Homeowners Liable for Swimming Pool Accidents in South Florida?

May 1, 2022

Homes require a lot of care, but it’s always best that they ensure their house and property are in good condition. While homes don’t seem as deadly as heavy traffic, there are still…

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