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Tepezza Litigation in a Nutshell

Clinical trials for Tepezza, a Thyroid Eye Disease medication, have demonstrated an increased risk of hearing-related side effects including irreversible ones such as hearing loss and tinnitus . The risk is far greater than what had been previously disclosed by Horizon Pharmaceuticals when Tepezza was initially approved by the F.D.A.

We have taken on big pharma before



Manufacturer of VIOXX which received a
$4.85 billion settlement for victims.



Makers of “Fen-Phen” diet drug which
received a $3.75 billion settlement for victims.



Makers of silicon breast implants. Plaintiffs were
awarded $4 billion for damages.




What is Tepezza?

Tepezza is an intravenous infusion medication for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED),  marketed by Horizon Therapeutics. It has been shown to relieve eye pain from inflammation in patients who suffer with this rare but serious autoimmune condition that can cause the eyes to be pushed forward resulting into proptosis or outward bulging of one or both eyes.

History of Tepezza

Tepezza was approved by the FDA in January 2020 as a medication for Thyroid Eye Disease. The F.D.A.’s approval was based upon two clinical trials, which consisted of a total of only 170 patients with TED. During two clinical trials, 10% of those given Tepezza experienced hearing loss symptoms compared to 0% for placebo recipients. Horizon described these hearing loss symptoms as temporary to the F.D.A. Despite these findings the information about the hearing risks associated with Tepezza were not included on the warning label. Subsequent much larger studies have found not only that the incidence of hearing loss was higher than initially reported, they have also found the hearing loss and tinnitus to be irreversible and permanent.


Payment to victims who took the diet drug "Fen-Phen"
Settlement for victims who used VIOXX
Settlement against 3M and McGhan for defective breast implants

Tepezza Litigation

In April 2022, David Weibel of Illinois filed suit against Horizon pharmaceuticals claiming that their failure to warn him or his doctors about the risks of hearing loss and tinnitus caused by Tepezza lead directly to his permanent disability. The Complaint details how he received infusions which began less than six months after its approval by FDA (June 2020-September 2021).

The lawsuit seeks punitive damages stating, Horizon Pharmaceuticals, “willfully, wantonly and intentionally conspired, and acted in concert, to ignore relevant safety concerns and to deliberately not study the safety and efficacy of Tepezza”.

Truvada Lawsuit Attorney
Truvada Lawsuit Attorney

Do I Have A Case?


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What Damages Can I Recover?

*Past Medical Bills

*Future Medical Bills

*Lost Income

*Lost Future Earnings

*Physical Pain and Suffering (both past and future)

*Emotional Trauma



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