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Premises Liability Attorney in Boca Raton, FL

If you have been injured on someone else's property—whether it belongs to the owner of a business, the City of Boca Raton, or even your neighbor—there's the possibility that negligence contributed to the accident. If another person's negligence caused your accident, you might be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Premises liability is an area of law that allows people to recover damages after getting hurt on another person's property. While slip-and-fall accidents are the most common type of premise liability case, many other types of cases and clients deserve top-notch legal representation.

Injuries can happen to anyone at any time. You might suffer a slip-and-fall on a wet deck aboard a luxury cruise ship or trip on a raised sidewalk panel in your neighborhood. No matter the circumstances surrounding your accident, it is in your best interest to contact a Boca Raton premises liability lawyer to learn the value of your claim. It may be possible to hold the responsible party accountable for your accident and have them compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Attorney Robert B. Baker of Baker Legal Team is a board-certified civil trial lawyer who has worked closely with many clients throughout his career. Attorney Baker has a proven track record of recovering millions of dollars worth of compensation for his clients in Boca Raton and the neighboring areas. Before you file a claim, learn how he can help you navigate what may be a complex legal matter.

Common Types of Premises Liability Lawsuits in Boca Raton

Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere, including in a person's home, office building, construction site, apartment building, public space, or place of business. Some common accidents that fall under the umbrella of premises liability include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Inadequate building security
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Fire-related accidents
  • Water leaks or flooding
  • Toxic fumes or chemicals
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Animal bites

Premises liability cases usually involve a hazardous condition that leads to an injury, such as slippery or uneven floors. The condition is usually one the property owner knew about but failed to address through maintenance or repairs. Knowing about and ignoring said condition meets the standard for negligence. A skilled premises liability lawyer can investigate the facts of your case to establish negligence and prove liability.

Injuries Sustained in Premises Liability Accidents in Boca Raton

Premises liability accidents such as slips-and-falls can cause severe injuries, especially if the victim is elderly. Senior citizens may experience catastrophic injuries, long-term hospital stays, or even death following a severe fall. Some common injuries sustained in premises liability accidents in Boca Raton, Florida, include:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Joint damage
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

If you suffered an injury on someone else's property, it is essential to seek professional medical care as soon as possible. While you may not feel like your injuries warrant medical attention, they could worsen into more severe injuries without proper care.

Property Owners Owe Visitors a Duty of Care in Florida

Property owners have a duty of care to visitors, which involves maintaining their properties to be safe for everyone who might enter them. Homeowners and business owners have an obligation to avoid foreseeable dangers; however, not all courts in Florida have the same opinion on what makes a danger foreseeable. It's essential to have an attorney working on your case to help secure a favorable outcome. There are three types of visitors to whom property owners owe a duty of care:


These visitors are customers who enter a property to carry on regular business transactions. They may be customers purchasing goods, people who come to repair the property, or even business employees. Property owners must keep all areas an invitee might visit safe and accessible and inform them of any area that might be unsafe. Information may be relayed through signage, such as wet floor signs.


Licensees are friends, relatives, and guests who enter properties for social reasons, like visiting a friend. They may enter with or without a prior invitation. These visitors could be unannounced, meaning that the property owner is responsible for keeping the property safe at all times. This includes repairing unsafe conditions and warning guests about known dangers. If you're a homeowner undergoing remodeling and a neighbor comes to visit, you could inform them of a hazard with a simple verbal warning.


Trespassers are people who enter properties without permission. Florida property owners do not owe trespassers a duty of care besides avoiding harming them intentionally. However, some homeowners may be aware that trespassers that cross through their property frequently, such as kids cutting across backyards. In such cases, the property owner must warn them of any dangerous conditions that may not be obvious.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Premises Liability Claims in Florida?

If you suffered an injury on someone else's property due to the owner's negligence, you have a limited time frame to file a claim for damages. This time frame is known as the statute of limitations. In Florida, victims of personal injury accidents, including premises liability accidents, have four years from the date of the accident to file a claim. The statute of limitations is a hard deadline, and claims filed even a day late will be dismissed.

While four years may seem like an ample amount of time, it is always in your best interest to file a personal injury claim as soon as possible after the accident. As time passes, critical pieces of evidence may deteriorate or become lost, and key witnesses may move away or forget what they saw. To recover the compensation you need to heal and move forward after an accident, it is essential to contact an experienced attorney soon after an accident to ensure your claim is filed correctly and on time.

Recovering Compensation for a Premises Liability Accident in Boca Raton

If you were hurt because a business owner, city official, or homeowner breached their duty of care, you deserve legal representation to help you recover your losses. You have the legal right to seek compensation to recover from a variety of losses including, but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses

In cases of gross negligence, reckless disregard for the life and safety of others, or intentional harm done, it may be possible to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages serve the purpose of punishing the liable party and setting an example for others to exercise more care in the future.

Partner with Baker Legal Team for Expert Premises Liability Representation in Boca Raton

Although you're allowed to sue a property owner and represent yourself in a premises liability claim, it can be extremely challenging to handle these complex legal matters on your own. It may also be more challenging to receive every cent you deserve by law for your suffering. Our skilled attorneys have 30 years of experience defending their client's interests in Boca Raton. There is no substitute for experience when you need to protect your rights and hold others accountable for negligence in court.

Regardless of who the liable party is, you can be confident they will not face your claim in court unrepresented. You deserve to level the playing field. Attorney Robert Baker of Baker Legal Team has collected millions of dollars worth of compensation for his clients throughout his career and is a board-certified civil trial lawyer in Florida. Attorney Baker has dedicated his career to protecting his client's rights and ensuring that they are compensated for the full extent of their losses. Call (561) 320-0000 or complete our contact form to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a member of our experienced legal team.

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