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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia mesh manufacturers across the United States are being taken to court after it was discovered that many of them were exploiting loopholes within the FDA to create implants for hernia patients that contain dangerous and defective plastic materials. Damage from low-quality or poorly made mesh implants has resulted in complications such as serious infections, intense stomach pain, and more.


Anyone who has experienced the pain of a defective surgical hernia mesh deserves to be fairly compensated, but no one should have to pursue a mass tort or a personal lawsuit against a large company without the help of experienced legal professionals, such as those with the Baker Legal Team. Our experience with successfully pursuing class-action lawsuits can help you obtain necessary financial assistance that can relieve the burden of medical bills and allow you to receive the justice that you deserve.

We have taken on big pharma before



Manufacturer of VIOXX which received a
$4.85 billion settlement for victims.



Makers of “Fen-Phen” diet drug which
received a $3.75 billion settlement for victims.



Makers of silicon breast implants. Plaintiffs were
awarded $4 billion for damages.




Untested Hernia Mesh Approved by the FDA
Causes Lasting Problems for Patients

Recalled or “voluntarily withdrawn” hernia mesh products have created severe problems for many patients across the country. Companies such as Gore, Atrium Medical, and Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, have been producing unsafe hernia mesh that has resulted in thousands of patients suffering the ill effects of hernia mesh failure, including infections, autoimmune disorders, and a variety of other life-changing symptoms. These important surgical items are being released for public use by the FDA without being tested, leading to devastating consequences for hernia sufferers.


Payment to victims who took the diet drug "Fen-Phen"
Settlement for victims who used VIOXX
Settlement against 3M and McGhan for defective breast implants

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Don’t suffer this problem alone. You can trust Baker Legal Team to provide compassionate legal counsel while
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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney
Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney

Which Products Have Been Recalled?

For over twenty years, mesh products have been the most consistently utilized method of repair for digestive disorders such as hernias and other internal conditions which benefit from the application of a protective screen. Since 2009, doctors have noticed recurring problems related to mesh shrinkage or contracture, infections, adhesion, blockage, and other complications from the surgical mesh and the chemical coatings on them, such as polypropylene. As a result, some companies have removed certain mesh products from circulation, including:

  • C-QUR Mesh
  • C-QUR Edge
  • C-QUR TacShield
  • C-QUR Lite
  • C-QUR Mosaic
  • C-QUR FX
  • C-QUR V-Patch
  • C-QUR V-Patch Mesh
  • C-QUR OVT Mesh
  • C-QUR RPM Mesh
  • C-QUR CentriFX
  • Mesh V-Patch
  • ProLite Mesh

Reported Symptoms of
Hernia Mesh Failure

Hernia patients who have experienced symptoms of mesh failure report a range of physical and mental reactions that appeared after their surgery. Reports indicate that some patients have felt their symptoms worsening over time as more complications began to arise. The most common early symptoms include:



This will ultimately result in the patient needing additional surgery to remove the faulty mesh and may cause other complications.


Abdominal Pain

Often brought on by the infection or problems related to the implanting of the mesh itself.



This occurs when the mesh and the bowel form a connection.


Bowel obstruction and intestinal discomfort

If adhesion is created, the patient’s bowels may not function properly, causing pain and constipation.


Rashes, nausea, and fever

These are common reactions to internal infections and could be a warning sign of adhesion.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney
Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney

The timeline for infection, adhesion, or obstruction is different for every patient. Some may find that they begin noticing a headache early on, which led to more symptoms, while others have reported that the pain and discomfort felt sudden or immediate and was debilitating. In certain cases, hernia mesh failure can have serious, long-term consequences if it is not properly treated in time, such as:

  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Neurological dysfunction
  • Liver complications
  • Testicle removal
  • Renal failure

Following a hernia repair that involves a surgical mesh implant, if you notice any of the early symptoms that might indicate an infection or any similar complications, you should seek out your surgeon and your doctor to consult them regarding your recent surgery.

Do I Qualify for a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

One of the main reasons that many individuals do not seek compensation for their surgical complications is because they are not sure whether they are eligible to pursue legal action. Answering “yes” to any of the following questions may indicate that you qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit:

  • Have you recently had corrective hernia surgery?
  • Did your surgeon use a surgical mesh during your hernia procedure?
  • Have you experienced any discomfort or pain since your surgery?
  • Did you undergo additional surgery to correct the initial surgical mesh implant?

Have you recently had corrective hernia surgery? Did your surgeon use a surgical mesh during your hernia procedure? Have you experienced any discomfort or pain since your surgery? Did you undergo additional surgery to correct the initial surgical mesh implant?


If you pursue your hernia mesh lawsuit case with Baker Legal, you will work with former prosecutor Robert Baker, a Board-Certified Civil Trial Attorney who has helped clients with personal injury cases for over 30 years and is among the less than 1% of Florida Attorneys who are Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyers. His experience with mass torts and related lawsuits allows you to have an advantage when pursuing legal action for your hernia mesh injury case.

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