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As consumers, we shouldn’t feel as if we need to research the manufacturing process of each product we buy to stay safe. We do our due diligence in researching the product that’s right for us based on technical descriptions and reviews from fellow consumers; however, it’s impossible to predict when a product will malfunction to such an extreme that it will hurt us.

Manufacturing regulations exist to protect consumers and the products we rely on daily supposedly undergo rigorous testing before they make it to the shelves of our favorite big box stores. Yet, dozens of products have made headlines over the years due to defective design, insufficient testing, or other issues. From faulty airbags to exploding cell phones, to toys and even furniture, dangerous products can enter our homes without our knowledge until an accident occurs.

Turning to Product Liability Lawyers in Boca Raton

Fortunately, product liability lawyers in Boca Raton are available to steer us in the right direction after becoming injured due to a defective product. Attorneys who practice product liability law understand the complexities these cases often present. The product that hurt you may have become defective at any point in the manufacturing, delivery, or sales process. These claims fall under a unique category of personal injury law known as product liability law. Some of these laws give consumers considerable freedom to pursue compensation for their injuries.

Product liability laws aim to hold manufacturers and sellers accountable for allowing faulty products to get into the hands of consumers. When you need fair compensation to make up for your losses after a defective product accident, you can rely on attorney Robert B. Baker for quality representation in Boca Raton.

How Do I Know if I Have a Defective Products Case?

Do you know how many steps it took to get the product that hurt you into your shopping cart? From designing the product to manufacturing, marketing and selling it, thousands of decisions take place before a product can come into existence and become available for purchase.

There are three main types of product defects that can be fought through legal action:

  • Design Defects
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Failure to Warn or Instruct

Design defects occur in the initial stages of product development. These are instances when a product’s design or structural components are deemed unsafe.

If the product that injured you got created or assembled incorrectly before it became available in stores, these issues are known as manufacturing defects. Depending on the facts of your specific incident, your lawyer may find that the manufacturer of the product in question is partially liable for your injuries.

Finally, when companies fail to alert consumers to a product’s proper function, they create hazards. Products that lack sufficient instructions or warnings to prevent harm may be considered dangerous.

What Must I Prove in a Product Liability Case?

If you’re pursuing a product liability claim, you need to show just a few events took place to secure a victory:

  • The product was defective
  • The person became injured as a result of the product’s defect
  • The product’s defect caused the injury
  • The seller or manufacturer owed a duty to make or sell a safe product

Your attorney is a valuable resource when conducting research to support the above claims. A product liability lawsuit aided by a competent attorney has a substantially greater chance of winning just compensation.

Three Kinds of Product Liability Claims You May Pursue

An injured party may bring forth a product liability claim in one of three scenarios:

  • Negligence: In this scenario, the plaintiff must prove that the manufacturer or seller owed him a duty to provide a safe product. The manufacturer or seller must have breached that duty, and the breach must have caused the plaintiff’s injury.
  • Strict Liability: In this case, the plaintiff may bring a products liability claim to any unsafe and dangerous product whether or not the manufacturer or seller was negligent. The party providing the defective product would be strictly liable even if he or she was not responsible for causing the defect. This is the most commonly pursued product liability claim.
  • Breach of Warranty: Products with manufacturer warranties allow injured parties to bring breach of warranty lawsuits when those warranties fail to protect them.

Seek Legal Counsel if a Defective Product Hurts You

Large corporations sometimes make cost-cutting choices that put consumers at risk to maximize their profits. Unfortunately, these decisions can leave people severely injured. If you believe you have a valid product liability or defective product case, contact Baker Legal Team. Our firm has 30 years of experience recovering millions of dollars for consumers.

Call (561) 320-0000 for a free consultation or complete our contact form. The sooner you can begin the claims process for a defective product, the more successful your claim can be.

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