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Swimming Pool Accident Claim: What You Need to Prove

Swimming can be a great way to cool off and enjoy the warm Florida weather. However, swimming pools can be dangerous, and accidents can lead to serious injuries. If you are injured while swimming in a pool through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. However, knowing how to prove liability and achieve a fair settlement can be challenging. 

Our professionals at Baker Legal Team have over 30 years of experience representing Florida victims, so we have the knowledge and skills to take on your claim. We can support you throughout the legal process and provide unmatched advice every step of the way. Our goal is to build a strong claim with solid evidence that holds the liable party accountable, so we can help you understand what you need to prove fault and secure a fair settlement.

What Do You Need to Prove Fault in a Florida Swimming Pool Accident?

One essential element of your swimming pool accident claim is fulfilling the burden of proof. This means you are responsible for presenting evidence that demonstrates the following points:

  • The liable party owed you a duty to care for your safety.
  • They breached this duty and neglected to properly maintain the pool or warn you about any dangers.
  • Their negligence directly caused your injuries.
  • Your injuries resulted in damages.

You can take steps after the accident to prove these points, and we can help you gather further evidence to strengthen your claim. Documents that can help prove fault in swimming pool accidents include the following:

Photos and Videos

After the accident, we recommend taking as many photos and videos of the scene and your injuries as possible. They provide clear evidence of your injuries’ existence and what caused the accident.

Medical Records

You should seek medical attention immediately, even if you feel fine after the accident. Medical professionals may identify underlying injuries that require treatment. Doing this allows you to start recovery, and all the information from your visits shows up on your medical records. These documents provide further insight into your injury, its cause, and the treatment you received.

Medical Bills

In addition to your medical records, medical bills may help prove how much you paid for any hospital visits, doctor’s appointments, and other treatments. We use these documents to calculate your claim’s worth and show the financial damage the liable party’s negligence caused. 

Witness Testimony

If your accident occurred at a public swimming pool or there were people around to see it, they may provide testimony to further strengthen your claim. You can write down witness information after the accident, and our lawyers can interview them. We ensure to ask the right questions and get the statements we need to achieve the compensation you deserve.

Other Records

The liable party may have evidence that proves they knew about the hazard that caused your injuries and their failure to warn you about them. This could include receipts for pool equipment, pool maintenance records, and video camera footage.

Additionally, we review relevant laws and regulations regarding the safety standards for swimming pools to see if the liable party broke any rules or failed to follow procedures to keep swimmers safe. We do everything we can to build an effective claim with plenty of evidence to ensure an optimal result.

Make Your Recovery Easier With Help From Baker Legal Team in Florida

After a swimming pool accident, you should prioritize your recovery. However, this can be difficult if you attempt to handle the legal process alone. Our dedicated swimming pool accident lawyers at Baker Legal Team can manage every aspect of your claim to take the weight off your shoulders. We handle all the challenging tasks, including negotiating with insurance companies and litigating your claim in court. 

We focus on helping accident victims recover by taking legal action to collect compensation. We have successfully represented many Florida victims and achieved large settlements. Let us help you collect the compensation you deserve and remove some of the strain of trying to afford your medical bills and other expenses. Contact us at (561) 320-0000 or fill out our contact form to discuss your case with our legal team in a free consultation.

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