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Swimming Pool Accidents

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Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer in Boca Raton, FL

Summer in Boca Raton is a popular time for those who enjoy water sports, especially families with young children. Swimming pools bring families tremendous joy and help people stay fit in climbing temperatures. However, swimming pools can pose a legitimate threat to people of all ages. Young children who can’t yet swim may be especially at risk of drowning.

The CDC estimates that ten people die from unintentional drowning each day. Of these, two are children 14 or younger. Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. It is the leading cause of death for children between 1 and 4 years old. Victims of Swimming pool injuries in Boca Raton, through no fault of their own, have the right to hold the at-fault parties accountable. At Baker Legal Team, attorney Robert Baker can help you pursue your case.

Examples of Common Causes of Swimming Pool Injuries

Although one of the leading causes of injury and death in swimming pools is drowning, not all accidents lead to drowning. Injuries may result from:

  • Slipping and falling by the pool, leading to broken bones and sprains
  • Diving into a pool that is too shallow, leading to a concussion or spinal injury
  • Hurting yourself on a rough surface, leading to cuts and scrapes
  • Becoming entrapped in a pool drain

A person is also susceptible to drowning in a pool when there is a lack of sound barriers, ineffective barriers, or a lack of supervision. Other causes of swimming pool accidents may include:

  • Faulty ladders
  • Excessively shallow deep ends
  • Lack of anti-entrapment devices
  • Loose tiles or other pool deck hazards

Many accidents take place in private pools in people’s backyards; however, a significant number of injuries happen to individuals who attend public pools. Public facilities may have design defects such as those listed above and inattentive lifeguards. Other employees may also overlook hazards and fail to keep up with maintenance.

It’s crucial to follow safety precautions when attending any pool. However, accidents do happen. When negligence is involved in a pool accident, you should contact a Boca Raton swimming pool accident lawyer to help you file a claim.

Boca Raton Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Swimming pool construction and upkeep are strictly controlled to protect the safety of those who use them. Swimming pools that are not adequately maintained are risky to be around, so everyone who owns or is responsible for one must ensure it is built according to the law's requirements and maintained well.

Public Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Under Florida state law, public swimming pools must meet certain safety requirements. Florida statutes outline that public swimming pools must be fitted with an anti-entrapment system or device that has been engineered according to legal standards.

Also, Florida statute specifies that swimming instructors and lifeguards present at public pools must be certified by the American Red Cross, YMCA, or another nationally recognized aquatic training program. Swimming instructors must be trained in swimming teaching, first aid, and CPR at hire. Lifeguards must have current lifeguarding, first-aid, and CPR certifications.

Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Like public swimming pools, residential swimming pools must also adhere to requirements outlined in Florida statutes to operate safely. Residential swimming pools must fulfill at least one of the following pool safety features to pass final inspection and earn a certificate of completion:

  • The pool must be surrounded by an enclosure that complies with section 515.29's pool barrier standards.
  • An authorized safety pool cover must be installed in the pool.
  • Exit alarms with a minimum sound pressure level of 85 dB A at 10 feet must be installed on all doors and windows enabling direct access from the house to the pool.
  • All doors leading directly from the house to the pool must have a self-closing, self-latching system with a release mechanism no lower than 54 inches above the floor.
  • A swimming pool alarm that sounds an alert when an unauthorized or unintentional entry into the water is detected. This pool alarm must comply with the Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms and be independently certified.

Anyone who fails to install at least one pool safety feature in a new home swimming pool can be charged with committing a second-degree misdemeanor. To avoid being penalized, the individual has to install at least one safety feature in the pool and complete a drowning prevention education program within 45 days of being arrested or receiving a summons or notice to appear. The need to attend a drowning prevention education program is waived if one is not available within 45 days of the citation being issued.

Why Hire a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney in Boca Raton to Represent Your Case?

Attorney Robert Baker of Baker Legal Team has years of experience representing parties injured in pool accidents and victims' families who have drowned in swimming pools. He has unique expertise regarding accidents that occur in bodies of water and a passion for pursuing justice for those who were hurt by others' negligence.

With the aid of a pool accident lawyer, you may be able to:

  • Thoroughly investigate your case and the cause of your accident.
  • Derive evidence from the accident scene and witness testimony that can support your case.
  • Recover the costs of damages, including funds for medical care, lost wages, lost capacity to work, and pain and suffering. It may also be possible to recover punitive damages depending on the facts of your case.
  • Focus on recovering from your accident so you can improve your physical and mental well-being.

When you work with a skilled attorney, you can obtain peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands. At Baker Legal Team, we have recovered more than $250,000,000 for our clients, and we’d be happy to review the facts of your accident. Put our 30 years of experience on your side for your case.

Hire the Right Swimming Pool Lawyer for Your Case

Swimming pools are summer staples, but they can be pretty dangerous if not carefully maintained. The sooner you align yourself with a dedicated swimming pool accident attorney in Boca Raton, the sooner you can receive a fair settlement and pay off your accident-related expenses. Florida also has a statute of limitations for accidents that occur while swimming, meaning you have a short window of time to pursue legal action.

Board-certified attorney Robert Baker is happy to provide victims of swimming pool accidents with the award-winning representation they deserve. He has extensive experience helping clients with swimming pool injury cases and may be able to effectively guide you in the best direction forward. Call our firm today at (561) 320-0000 or complete our contact form for a free consultation to find out how we can move your case forward.

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