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Can I Sue a Waterpark After Signing a Liability Waiver?

Waterparks are a popular destination for families and anyone who wants to take advantage of a warm sunny day, especially during summer. When people plan a day at the waterpark, they expect to get some relief from the heat and to create fun memories. They don’t expect to get injured, let alone sustain serious injuries that warrant a lawsuit. However, waterparks do present an abundance of opportunities for accidents if the park is not adequately maintained, the staff isn’t properly trained, and even with every precaution, accidents can still happen.

At Baker Legal Team, Attorney Robert Baker understands that knowing your legal options after a waterpark injury can be confusing, especially if you signed a liability waiver. Most waterparks will require that guests sign a liability waiver. Does that mean you lose your right to sue? Signing a liability waiver doesn’t necessarily mean you lose your right to sue a waterpark for injuries you suffered, but it depends on the circumstance of your accident. Baker Legal Team can review your case and point you in the best direction for a favorable outcome.

What is a Liability Waiver?

Liability waivers are common types of contracts that waterparks and other theme parks require their guest to sign. These contracts are meant to demonstrate that a guest accepts the risk and agrees to waive the waterparks liability for damages associated with inherent dangers. Liability waivers generally protect waterparks from personal injury claims for ordinary negligence. However, a liability waiver doesn’t generally protect the park from gross negligence, violating safety regulations, or intentional harm.

What is Gross Negligence?

Gross negligence is a voluntary and conscious disregard for using reasonable care, which leads to foreseeable injury or harm to a person, property, or both. Meaning that if the park, staff, and others involved in the park’s operations have proper risk management plans and exercise every precaution to keep their guest safe, the waiver protects them from liability. If the park or someone else within the park’s operations group fails to uphold a standard of reasonable care, their actions may fall under gross negligence and are no longer protected by the liability waiver.

How a Waterpark Accident Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Case

Even when a personal injury case seems straightforward, they’re rarely simple. When pursuing a claim against a large company like a waterpark, the process can become even more complicated. Their insurance and their legal representation are not going to be jumping at the chance to admit liability or pay a settlement. Therefore, they will work to try to push back against your claim to limit their payout or even dismiss your claim entirely.

An experienced waterpark accident lawyer can assist you in proving that the waterpark is liable and establish that you are entitled to full and just compensation. They can assist in the investigation of the accident, in developing a strategy for your claim, and aggressively pursue your right to compensation regardless of the countermeasures taken by the waterpark and their team. Give yourself an advantage in your personal injury claim by contacting a waterpark attorney as soon as possible.

Experienced Waterpark Accident Lawyer at Baker Legal Team

Waterparks should be a place of enjoyment, but due to negligence, they can quickly become a place of immense pain. Attorney Robert Baker of Baker Legal Team believes in holding negligent parties accountable because their actions can lead to life-altering injuries that permanently impact a victim’s life. Victims are sometimes faced with costly medical bills and the inability to work because of their injuries. They should not have to take on that financial burden.

At Baker Legal Team, we fight for our client’s right to compensation to ease the financial burden they incurred from the accident. We will use our resources and experience to set up our clients’ claims for success. You can schedule a consultation with Baker Legal Team today by completing our contact form or by calling (561) 320-0000.

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