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A car accident can alter your life dramatically, leaving you with a burden of medical expenses and a huge toll on your mental and physical health. For you to recover from this type of traumatic experience, you might require months or even years of medical care. You may lose the ability to work in the same way you did before the accident, leading to more financial problems. 

If you've sustained injuries in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, you may be able to seek and receive compensation. A Wellington car accident lawyer from Baker Legal Team can assist you in filing a strong claim

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Wellington

In Wellington, car accidents are common and can occur for various reasons. Common contributing factors that are frequently due to negligence include:

  • A driver who drives a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicine
  • A driver who's distracted by talking on the phone, texting, adjusting the radio, or another activity that takes their eyes off the road
  • A driver who makes an error that causes the accident
  • A driver who doesn't obey traffic laws, like road signs or posted speed limits
  • A driver who's fatigued
  • Poorly maintained roads that cause hazards
  • A vehicle with a manufacturing defect

It can be difficult to know whether the cause behind a vehicle accident can be considered negligence or not. The best way for you to determine this and whether or not you can file a claim is to consult with a skilled car accident attorney in Wellington who has experience with these types of cases.

Car Accident Liability in Wellington

Drivers who were responsible for a car accident are typically liable for paying the damages in most states. However, this isn't the case in Florida. Florida has a mandatory "no-fault" policy. Every driver in the state of Florida must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that pays for any personal injuries they've sustained in an accident they were involved in, along with any injuries their passengers sustained. This is regardless of who the at-fault party is in the accident.

However, PIP coverage won't always pay the full damages that accident victims suffer. In Florida, when the threshold is met for serious injury, car accident victims can file a claim outside the no-fault system for damages against the negligent party. Liability for damages is frequently based on negligence.

Steps to Maximize Your Wellington Personal Injury Claim

If you've been injured due to another person's negligence, you can file an insurance claim or lawsuit for compensation. Some steps to help you maximize your recovery include:

1. Get Medical Treatment Immediately

It’s always important to get medical treatment following your accident, as your health is the most imperative. Also, medical treatment will showcase a medical plan and any tests given by doctors, showing insurance companies the extent of the injuries you faced. 

2. Consult a Wellington Car Accident Lawyer

Before you discuss your case or sign any paperwork, it's important that you consult a Wellington car accident attorney. Insurance companies will do their very best to lowball your settlement offer. While insurance adjusters may come across as being kind and fair, they do work for the insurance companies and are not looking out for your best interest. 

3. Follow the Treatment Plan

It's important that you follow all orders the doctor gives you regarding your treatment plan. Not only will this help you heal quickly, but by not following complete medical treatment orders, you may not receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve for your car accident injuries.

Should You Hire a Wellington Car Accident Lawyer?

Following a car accident, retaining a car accident lawyer in Wellington is an ideal way to improve your likelihood of receiving a good settlement. An experienced Wellington car accident lawyer will help ensure you're compensated fairly by the insurance companies and that your rights are protected. They have the experience and resources required to go up against and negotiate successfully with large insurance companies.

It's wise to get your car accident lawyer involved quickly following your accident. They'll help you understand whether you have grounds for a claim or lawsuit to help cover your medical losses and other expenses after a serious injury. Gathering evidence and witnesses is always easier when things are fresh and the accident has just occurred.

Contact the Baker Legal Team in Wellington, FL to Speak with a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer About Your Case

Severe injuries can occur from catastrophic car accidents. At any given moment, a car accident can occur and you may sustain an injury that can be life-changing. Therefore, it's vital that you seek the help of a reliable car accident lawyer in Wellington who will help you obtain the best care and fair compensation that you may be entitled to. Our board-certified team at Baker Legal Team is here to help.

Call Baker Legal Team at (561) 320-0000 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation and speak with an experienced Wellington car accident attorney immediately.

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