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What’s the Average Settlement in a Nursing Home Bedsores Case?

When it comes to managing cases that involve bedsores or related nursing home injuries, no two cases are ever alike. Anyone who has ever had a loved one who experienced harm as a result of nursing home negligence understands just how serious they can be, which is why the professionals at Baker Legal want to help you and your family seek justice and compensation for your relative’s pain and suffering.

Many people in South Florida who begin the claims process for a nursing home bedsores case are unsure of how much they will receive during their settlement. This is a number that varies on a case-by-case basis, and the elements of each case reflect how much a victim is owed for their injuries based on three important factors, which we explore below.

What Is the Severity of Nursing Home Bedsores?

When an individual who stays in a nursing home is unable to perform consistent movement, they run the risk of developing bedsores. These bedsores, which are also known as pressure ulcers, are injuries localized to a specific location of the body where tissue is damaged from prolonged pressure.

These sores can develop around the joints, such as the hip, ankles, heels, and tailbone, but can appear in other areas as well. Extended periods of immobility or lying down in a certain position may result in a loss of blood flow to specific areas of the body, which can eventually lead to bruising, painful sores, or deterioration.

Four stages of development exist to classify the process of intensifying bedsores, which track them as they turn the skin red and sensitive until the final stage, where exposed muscle or even bone is possible. The level of severity that the bedsores have reached will determine the settlement you receive from your nursing home legal case, especially if you require additional medical treatment.

Does the Patient Need Rehabilitative Care?

If an individual recovers from a case of bedsores, there is a chance that they will require access to prolonged care in order for them to properly recover. Rehabilitation for some victims of nursing home bedsores may involve surgery or other serious methods of recovery, while some individuals may experience paralysis and develop the need for mobility aids to help them resume normal activities.

As with any other injury, ensure that you keep documentation, like photographs or videos, of the bedsore damage and recovery process. When pursuing a nursing home bedsore case, any additional care, aid, or assistance that the victim requires as a result of their damages will be necessary elements when building evidence to take to court.

Has the Patient Endured Pain and Suffering?

Another important aspect that the court will examine when determining whether or not to award a settlement for a bedsore injury (and, if so, how much to award) is the amount of pain and suffering that the victim experienced as a result of the bedsores or the related nursing home negligence. Psychological trauma and anguish are injuries that are not easy to detect but can often become side effects in these circumstances.

In the unfortunate and devastating event of a wrongful death case that involves bedsores, it is up to the family of the victim to seek justice and compensation for the damage and neglect that their loved one experienced. When this happens, the best option is to seek out a reliable and experienced lawyer who can help you every step of the way.

Retain an Award-Winning Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida

Bedsores and nursing home cases are on the rise, and families are often left wondering where to turn in order to obtain the best possible settlement and compensation for their loved ones. If you are looking for skilled legal representation for your South Florida nursing home bedsores case, Baker Legal will work with you to ensure that you obtain the best results.

Reach out to us today at 561-320-0000 or contact us online to schedule a case consultation with one of our legal professionals and find out why thousands of South Florida clients and their families have chosen Baker Legal.

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