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Use Caution in These 3 High-Risk Pedestrian Situations in Boca Raton

Whether getting some exercise or walking to work, pedestrians hit the street for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, walking isn’t always the safest form of exercise or transportation. Nearly 5,000 pedestrians per year are killed in traffic accidents. In and around Boca Raton, Florida pedestrians must take extra caution as Florida’s roads are the most dangerous in the nation. If you regularly hit the road on your own two feet in Boca Raton, learn more about three common high-risk pedestrian situations.

Stay Alert on Local Highways

Many people think that most pedestrian accidents take place in busy city centers or in the middle of town. The majority of pedestrian accidents, however, occur on local or interstate highways. Factors that contribute to deadly accidents on highways include high rates of speed, distracted driving, and hazardous road conditions. Some reasons why pedestrians might be walking along the highway include:

● Broken down vehicles
● Commuting to work
● Hitchhiking

In Boca Raton, Interstate 95 is the busiest highway, and you should always stay alert when driving on it.

Be Cautious When Away from Intersections

Most intersections are equipped with crosswalks so pedestrians can safely cross the road. Therefore, intersections are one of the safest places for pedestrians to be. That’s why it is imperative for drivers to exercise extreme caution when they least expect to see pedestrians.

One of the most common locations for pedestrian accidents outside of intersections is residential neighborhoods. People are complacent when walking near their home and forget to follow the rules of the road. Therefore, it is essential for pedestrians to be vigilant at all times and only cross the road at a crosswalk or light-controlled intersection if possible.

Exercise Care When Driving at Night

Nighttime creates driving conditions that are conducive to all kinds of car accidents, including pedestrian accidents. The lack of light at night makes it difficult to see pedestrians walking in any location, especially dimly lit neighborhoods, highways, or back roads. Although pedestrians are supposed to wear clothing that makes them more easy to see in the dark, many do not. Tips for driving at night include:

● Keep your windshield clear
● Don’t look directly into the lights of other vehicles
● Drive closer to the center line than the side of the road
● Make a full stop at all stop signs

If you are driving at night anywhere in or around Boca Raton, Florida, use these tips to exercise care.

Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Boca Raton

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