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Should I Take a Cash Offer from the At-Fault Driver after a Car Crash in Florida?

Getting into a car crash can leave you frightened and confused about what to do next. As you go through the motions and the steps following a car accident, you may start to worry about the long road ahead in receiving compensation for your damages. 

The lawyers at Baker Legal Team know that a personal injury case can be a lengthy and complicated process. As you begin the process of developing a case against the negligent driver, it may feel tempting to accept a cash settlement from the at-fault driver. While this quick-fix solution may seem attractive at first, you may be questioning if it is the best option or if it is even legal.

Is It Legal for the At-Fault Driver to Offer You Cash?

It may seem a little suspicious if you receive a call from the at-fault driver offering you a cash settlement following an accident. While it is not illegal to offer someone cash after you cause a car accident, accepting that cash settlement is often not the best option for the crash victim. 

There are many reasons why someone may want to offer you cash rather than submitting an insurance claim or getting the authorities involved. Some common reasons could be:

  • They do not want to increase their insurance premium
  • They do not want to risk receiving a traffic citation
  • They feel the paperwork and time it takes to submit an insurance claim is inconvenient
  • They may not have insurance and are worried they will get caught for driving without coverage

While it may be tempting to accept cash after an accident, keep in mind it is probable that the other driver is offering you the cash for their benefit without much concern for you. 

Filing a Claim May Increase Your Compensation

After a car accident, you may have suffered damages like pain and suffering or property damage. If you are not the at-fault driver, then you may be owed compensation for those damages. Instead of accepting a cash settlement that may be much lower than your claim is worth, consider calling an experienced Florida injury attorney to help you file a car accident claim. 

It is not likely that the at-fault driver knows the exact amount owed for the damages incurred during the accident. Even if they do, it is even less likely that they would offer you that total amount. While an insurance company may also try to offer you the lowest possible settlement amount, working with a personal injury attorney will give you the best chance at receiving a fair settlement. The experienced attorneys at Baker Legal Team use a skilled approach when facing the aggressive tactics of insurance firms. 

What Can Happen If You Do Accept a Cash Settlement?

If you choose to accept a cash settlement after an accident but down the line want to make a personal injury claim, you may run into some issues:

  • Accepting a cash offer may make you ineligible to file a claim.
  • You may discover that the cash settlement you accepted does not cover your damages and you will likely not be able to receive additional money from the other driver. 
  • The other driver may offer you cash in place of their insurance information, thus making it impossible to file a claim with their provider.

When it comes to receiving compensation following a car accident, your best option is to seek the help of a Florida car accident injury attorney who has the experience to help you build a claim and can provide you with personalized legal advice.

Seek Help from Florida Injury Attorneys

Accepting a cash settlement after a car crash is an easy fix but not may not be your best option for receiving fair compensation for your damages. The award-winning team at Baker Legal Team may be able to help you with your claim. Robert Baker is a Board-Certified personal injury attorney in the state of Florida with over 30 years of experience. 

Offering our clients dependable service and personalized care for each case, you can rest assured that our experienced attorneys will do their best to recover the compensation you deserve. To set up your free case evaluation today, complete our online contact form or call (561) 320-0000.

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