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How to Sue an Uninsured Driver in a Boca Raton Car Accident

Florida drivers are required by law to carry both property damage liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance. Unfortunately, many Florida residents choose to drive on the road without the insurance policies the state requires. Getting into a car accident with an uninsured driver adds an extra layer of frustration to an already overwhelming situation. Most uninsured drivers believe they can emerge from a crash scot-free. However, there are ways that drivers can pursue compensation from uninsured drivers, including filing a claim through their insurance policy’s uninsured motorist coverage or suing the uninsured driver directly.

Outlined below are some of the options you can take against an uninsured driver. If you have been in a car accident with an uninsured driver in Boca Raton, you should consult with a team of skilled Boca Raton personal injury lawyers to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Suing an Uninsured Driver in Central Florida

One of the options a driver can take against an uninsured driver is to sue them directly. Unfortunately, suing an uninsured driver is not usually the most lucrative path to recovering your damages. Most uninsured drivers lack insurance because they can’t afford it and usually don’t have many resources to spare. Most of the time, judges in South Florida don’t issue large settlements for an uninsured driver to pay. In the case that a judge does award you a small sum of money and the defendant does not pay it, the judge will typically not force the defendant to pay the money.

Setting up a Payment Plan with the Uninsured Driver

Sometimes, an uninsured driver may not have a lot of money, but they do have some money coming in each month. If this is the case, a judge may require the uninsured driver to set up a payment plan to cover the damages. However, weekly payments that uninsured drivers make through a payment plan are typically low—usually capped at $20 a week—and aren’t enough to pay for significant damages like medical bills and significant car repairs.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Through Your Insurance Company

If you have incurred serious injuries and damages in a car accident with an uninsured driver, your best option is to file an insurance claim with your insurance company. If your insurance policy includes uninsured motorist coverage, this is probably the best route to go.

To start the claim process with your insurance company, notify them in a timely fashion of your intent to file a claim under your uninsured motorist coverage. Unlike other kinds of car accident claims, you have a limited amount of time from the date of your accident to file an uninsured motorist claim. Different insurance providers have different restrictions on how long you have to file an uninsured claim. So, if you suspect the driver in your accident was uninsured, it is important to speak with your insurance company as soon as you can.

For the most part, a personal injury claim with your insurance company follows the same process as a regular car accident claim. One notable difference is that if you cannot successfully negotiate a settlement with your insurance company, the case will go to arbitration instead of to trial.

Consult With a Trusted Personal Injury Attorney in Boca Raton

Getting into a car accident in Boca Raton with an uninsured driver can present a host of challenges in the claim process. The best way to navigate the complex process of filing an uninsured motorist claim is to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. Robert Baker is a Board-Certified personal injury lawyer with more than 30 years of experience representing residents in South Florida. If you suspect the driver in your car accident was uninsured, Attorney Baker has the knowledge and skills to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted attorneys, complete an online contact form or call today at (561) 320-0000.

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