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How to Stay Safe While Driving a Golf Cart in Florida

Over the years, golf carts have become a staple in many Florida communities. Whether you are taking your golf cart to go golf or taking a cruise to the beach, golf carts are a fun way to get around the tropical Florida cities and towns. 

Baker Legal Team is an award-winning personal injury legal team with experience helping Florida golf cart accident victims. To stay safe on your Florida golf cart, you may want to follow some safety tips to avoid an accident or injury. 

What Does Florida Law Say Regarding Golf Cart Use?

There are specific laws and rules regarding golf carts in each state. In Florida, a traditional golf cart does not need to have a title or registration. In fact, drivers do not even have to be licensed to drive a car to drive a golf cart and do not need insurance to cover the golf cart. 

While the rules may be pretty relaxed for who can operate a golf cart and what is needed to drive it legally, it is important to note you may only drive the golf cart in specific areas. If you are driving your golf cart on the road, there are only certain roads that legally allow golf carts in Florida, and the speed limit must be 30 miles per hour or less. 

Is Your Florida Golf Cart Safe? 

Golf carts are a popular and fun mode of transportation for many Floridians, but how safe are they? Just like any other type of motorized vehicle, a golf cart is only as safe as you make them. If you care for it properly and practice safe driving habits, then a golf cart is generally safe for users. However, you should be aware of some factors that may make your golf cart dangerous. 

You may be surprised to know that golf carts are a fire hazard if not cared for properly. The battery that powers your golf cart is very flammable, and if left in high levels of heat, like in your hot Florida Garage, a fire may erupt. Batteries naturally release hydrogen, which, when overheated, may cause a fire or a deadly explosion. 

How to Prevent a Golf Cart Fire in Florida?

To prevent a fiery wreck from causing an accident and potential injury, the following tips may help prevent a golf cart fire in the Florida heat:

  • Follow the instructions and head the warnings from the manufacturer of your golf cart
  • Use the specific electrical cords and battery charger designated for your golf cart
  • Check the battery for damage or leaks regularly
  • Have a dual smoke and carbon monoxide detector set up in your home if you store your golf cart in the garage or near the home
  • Consider setting up a timer that controls when the golf cart’s battery will be charged

All of these safety tips may help prevent a fire involving your golf cart. If an accident does occur involving fire or any other hazards due to the negligence of another, you may be eligible to receive compensation for injuries caused by your golf cart accident. 

Florida Golf Cart Accident Attorneys Agolre Here to Help

A golf cart is a fun way to travel through the tropical streets of Florida. However, while a golf cart may be fun, it can be dangerous, so practicing safe habits while operating one is essential. 

If an accident does occur, resulting in an injury, Baker Legal Team offers clients the award-winning representation needed to build a strong injury claim. With over 30 years of helping Florida injury victims, our experienced legal team is led by board-certified attorney Robert Baker. For a free case evaluation, contact us here or call (561) 320-0000.

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