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A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Strict Liability Laws: Florida imposes strict liability on dog owners for injuries their pets cause, meaning victims don't need to prove a dog's prior violent behavior to seek compensation.
  • Criminal Consequences: Dog owners in Florida may face criminal charges for their pet's actions under certain circumstances, though victims primarily pursue civil remedies for compensation.
  • Financial Compensation: Victims of dog bites can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses due to a dog owner's negligence, with legal assistance for claim filing and valuation.
  • Baker Legal Team Support: The experienced dog bite attorneys at Baker Legal Team in Boca Raton offer comprehensive legal support to navigate civil claims and maximize compensation for dog bite victims.
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Dogs may be man’s best friends, but that doesn’t mean that dogs are always well-behaved. Stressed dogs may try to get away from a distressing environment by attacking the people around them. Poorly trained dogs may lash out at strangers and cause serious, if not life-changing, injuries.

What should you do if you find yourself contending with the aftermath of a dog bite accident? Consider getting in touch with Baker Legal Team. Our board-certified Boca Raton dog bite lawyers in Boca Raton can look into your accident and argue for your right to injury compensation. 

Florida and Strict Dog Bite Liability Laws

Florida does not operate on a one-free-bite statute. Florida dog owners must accept strict liability for damages done by their pets. This means that you, as a dog bite accident survivor, do not have to prove that a dog had a known history of violence if you want to take legal action. 

You can instead take the dog's owner to civil court and demand damages regardless of the dog's behavioral history. Dog owners frequently have to assume financial responsibility for the losses that their dogs cause due to Florida’s strict dog bite statutes. Those losses can include injuries done to a person as well as other animals at the scene.

With that being said, strict liability does have some workarounds for dog owners. For example, dog owners can set signs around their property to discourage people from interacting with their dogs and limit their accident-based liability. Trespassers do not often benefit from the right to sue a dog owner if said trespassers were already illegally on another person's property. 

Can Dog Owners Face Criminal Consequences For Animal Negligence?

Some situations may allow Florida to hold a dog owner criminally accountable for neglect, mistreatment of an animal, or other criminal activities after a dog by accident. You, however, as a dog bite accident victim, do not have the right to initiate a criminal case against a liable party. Instead, you solely have the right to demand damages for your losses in civil court.

Dogs with an existing record can open their owners up to criminal liability if a dog bite incident escalates into manslaughter or life-altering injuries. If your accident may open a criminal investigation into a dog owner's behavior, our dog bite attorneys in Boca Raton can keep an ear out for case developments. 

If Florida's criminal courts convict a dog's owner of manslaughter or related criminal activities, you can submit a notice of that conviction to the civil judge overseeing your civil case. Criminal convictions and dog bad accident cases can serve as proof of negligence and thereby make your fight for dog bite accident compensation simpler to resolve. 

Obtaining Financial Support After a Dog Bite Accident

Dog bite accidents tend to stem from a dog owner’s negligence. If you can bring evidence of that negligence forward, you can file for accident-related damages in Florida civil courts. This process sounds challenging, but it doesn't have to be. You can request the Boca Raton dog bite attorney build a claim for you. 

This process allows you to request damages addressing the non-economic and economic losses tied to your recent dog bite accident. You can discuss what specific losses to include in a dog bite accident claim when you first meet with our team for a free case evaluation. You can count on our team to walk you through the process of calculating the value of your case before submitting your claim to a civil judge. 

You Choose How to Fight For Support

Filing a personal injury claim allows you to initiate a trial against the party responsible for your dog bite accident. You do not have to prove your case to a jury, though. You can instead request an arraignment or a bench trial. 

Filing a personal injury claim allows you to summon a dog’s owner for private settlement negotiations. If you can resolve your concerns in private negotiations, both you and a dog’s owner can avoid going to court. 

You can learn more about the different paths toward dog bite compensation when you first meet with our team. Baker Legal Team prides ourselves on its transparency and will help you decide which path forward might help you get the most compensation for your losses. 

Let Experienced Boca Raton Dog Bite Attorneys From Baker Legal Team Investigate Your Case

You deserve the opportunity to fight for financial justice after you’re attacked by a negligent owner’s dog. The dog bite attorneys in Boca Raton working with Baker Legal Team can help you do just that. Our Boca Raton dog bite lawyers have decades of experience that they can apply to an investigation of your dog bite losses. When the time comes, we can take a comprehensive personal injury claim to civil court on your behalf.

Don’t let your case’s filing deadline pass you by. Contact us online or call our office at (561) 320-0000 to request more information on the services we’re prepared to offer dog bite accident survivors like you.

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