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Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

A motorcycle accident can happen when you least expect it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association data on motorcycle accidents show that motorcycle accidents have a fatality rate that is approximately 75% higher than an automobile accident and many occur in the Florida area. If you or a loved one plans to take on the Florida roads on a motorcycle, it is crucial that you are protected in every way.

Baker Legal Team is a motorcycle injury law firm with experience helping clients who have been involved in motorcycle accidents in Florida. Aside from wearing the proper protective gear, it is important to protect yourself financially in the event of a motorcycle accident. That means that it is vital for motorcyclists in Florida to know whether or not motorcycle insurance is required.

Do Florida Motorcyclists Need Insurance?

In the state of Florida, it is not required that a person shows proof of motorcycle insurance to register their vehicle. While it may not be required that drivers have motorcycle insurance, it is highly encouraged. If you are unsure of whether or not you should get motorcycle insurance in Florida, consider the following facts from NHTSA:

  • Head-on collisions top the list of fatalities and serious injuries as they are most common.
  • Simultaneous left-hand turns by cars and cyclists make up 2/3 of these fatal and serious injuries to motorcyclists.
  • The motorcyclist may unwittingly put themselves in danger when trying to pass a car, or a vehicle is unaware of the motorcycle next to it.
  • Since it is not a requirement in Florida to have motorcycle insurance, many do not, and this can lead to great losses both financially and physically.

The lack of motorcycle insurance puts motorcyclists in Florida at a distinct disadvantage. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to assist if a motorcyclist is injured without insurance or injured in a case involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

What is Contributory and Comparative Negligence in Motorcycle Accidents?

Contributory negligence means that a party contributed to the accident and comparative negligence involves equality of actions of both parties that contributed to the accident. Neither contributory nor comparative negligence is good news for uninsured motorcyclists.

While owners of four-wheeled vehicles such as cars are required to have insurance in Florida, the requirements are minimal, and many do not bother. With the percentage of injuries and losses sustained when in a motorcycle accident being high, this can mean dire financial ruin for the motorcyclist. If a motorcyclist is found to be partially guilty of contributory or comparative negligence and does not have motorcycle insurance, they risk losing their eligibility to collect damages.

Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Common in Florida Motorcycle Accidents?

When an accident occurs, helmets can be helpful, but many motorcyclists do not wear them due to the fact that they are not legally required in Florida. Traumatic brain injuries are life-changing events and can take years of recovery if recovery is even possible. Victims of this type of injury not only experience serious physical injury but can suffer from emotional and mental injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The lack of helmet requirements puts motorcyclists in Florida at greater risk of serious injuries especially head and spinal injuries. This can lead to costly medical bills for uninsured motorcyclists.

Get Help from an Experienced Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

When involved in a motorcycle crash in Florida, you may be owed financial compensation for the losses you have suffered as a result. To get help with your motorcycle accident claim, contact an experienced Florida lawyer.

Baker Legal Team is a motorcycle accident firm with extensive experience helping clients who have been injured after a motorcycle accident in Florida. Board-certified Attorney Robert Baker is proud to offer clients the award-winning representation they deserve. To set up a free case valuation, fill out this form now or call 561-320-0000.

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