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Debunking Myths Surrounding Florida Slip-And-Fall Claims

Injuries that occur because of slip-and-falls are common and oftentimes are severe. Even though they sometimes occur due to no one’s fault, slip-and-falls often happen because of a property owner’s negligence. These parties could be responsible for damages. Because of the possible obstacles between you and your settlement, debunking myths surrounding slip-and-fall claims are vital to maximizing your possible compensation.

Approximately one million ER visits per year are the result of slip-and-falls, but only a few of these cases actually pursue personal injury compensation for their damages. Slip-and-falls could result in high medical expenses, lost wages and earning potential, as well as emotional suffering.

Slip-And-Falls in Florida Personal Injury Cases

Claims involving a slip-and-fall due to negligence can usually reach a settlement between you and the liable party for your injuries. Seeking compensation for a slip-in-fall claim involves the claimant proving that negligence was the leading contributing factor of their slip-and-fall injury. Additionally, victims of slip-and-fall accidents generally have to prove the degree of their injuries and damages through documentation.

It’s recommended to seek out a slip-and-fall lawyer to compile this information for you and handle potential settlements. An experienced lawyer has history with slip-and-fall cases and knows what information can be used to your advantage when seeking compensation.

Myth: Only Physical Injury Claims Are Compensated in a Slip-And-Fall

There are many injuries that could result from a slip-and-fall accident, like a concussion, brain injury, or bone injury, but not all of them are physical. The mental and emotional damage may be accounted for in your injury claim.

Although mental and emotional damages are not visible injuries, they take a toll on victims. Psychological injuries often require medical attention. Some examples of psychological injuries that result because of an accident include anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

These conditions affect your ability to heal from the accident you experienced and may impact your work, relationships, and personal life. Due to the nature of psychological injuries, with the diagnosis from an expert, it may be possible to recover compensation for the damages caused by the accident. Other examples of non-physical damages include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income due to injuries
  • Punitive damages
  • Emotional and mental distress

If you’ve experienced emotional damages, it may have affected your day-to-day life. Consult a knowledgeable slip-and-fall lawyer to help you with your personal injury claim.

Myth: If You Are Partially at Fault for Your Slip-And-Fall Injury, You Cannot File a Claim

Sometimes, those who are injured due to a slip-and-fall may believe that they were somewhat at fault for their accident and choose not to file a claim. Even if you believe you do not have recourse, speaking with an attorney will inform you of your options for recovery.

If you and the plaintiff share some of the blame, there is a possibility that your compensation will be reduced depending on the amount of blame you share. This is called comparative negligence and still allows you to recover some compensation, even though it decreases in value depending on the percentage of negligence by each party.

Myth: The Insurance Company Is on Your Side

A common misconception about insurance companies is that they are there to help you get the settlement you deserve. That’s not always the case because insurance companies settle quickly and oftentimes less than the amount you deserve due to cutting costs and making money.

While having insurance is important, keep in mind that a rapid settlement is not the best one you could get and is often significantly reduced. Consider contacting a personal injury attorney that works with you to negotiate a higher settlement.

Work with a Florida Slip-And-Fall Attorney to Protect Your Rights

Don’t fall for myths surrounding your claim if you are suffering due to a slip-and-fall accident. You deserve compensation for your medical and hospital bills, as well as the pain and suffering caused by the accident that is keeping you from returning to everyday life.

Baker Legal Team has extensive experience helping victims of slip-and-fall accidents receive the compensation they deserve. Robert Baker, a board-certified attorney, has over 30 years of experience giving award-winning representation to clients. For a free consultation, fill out this contact form or by calling (561) 320-0000.

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